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I was under the impression that merely riding a bicycle would prepare me to ride a motorcycle. I recently read about certain things you should know before you start riding a motorcycle.

" Familiarity with a bicycle does not imply experience with a motorbike (they both have two wheels but are handled quite differently, according to the ride's weight and speed). I overestimated the weight of the bike and leaned too far forward while standing motionless, **** is it heavy. Also, I was pushing the bike for the first time... looking at other people, it appeared so simple, but it is a beast.
However, as a cyclist, I was aware of what not to do, or at least what to avoid, while going on two wheels.
For example, pressing the front brakes too hard, twisting the handle too much, not leaning sufficiently in a turn, and so on.
I'm not sure if it's due to my bike expertise, but I found it extremely simple to stay straight and balanced.
This, I feel, is due to the weight and speed/traction of the motorbike, and has nothing to do with my past bicycle riding. "

I'm curious what others think about this. And whether you recall your first time riding a bicycle or motorbike. Does everyone ride a bicycle first, then a motorcycle?

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