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What's your 250 top speed ?

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I am curious as to what top speed your 250's will do .Was comeing home yesterday in freeway posted speed 100 kph [62 mph] n noticed speed i was doing 120 kph [74.5 mph] & was doing it easy had plenty of throttle left , next time am out will try to see what she will do. :dance:
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Well one of his four posts mentions a slipping clutch, and if it's really slipping badly I can see a reduced speed...think feathering the clutch and grabbing a handful of throttle.

Barring that a stock Rebel should be capable of hitting 55mph in third gear --- about the time you should be shifting into 4th if you really like winding it up.
I've had mine up to 65 with no problems. Screams like a banshee! Nothing seems wrong, though. No excessive vibration, no wobble. I'd go higher, but so far where I've ridden there isn't enough highway to do that.
I-65 today was able to maintain 83 mph on flat. 15 tooth front. After 83 the sound started to chang. Didn't sound good. It may have had a little more but probly not more than 2 or 3 mph.
Yesterday I had mine a little past 85mph. It will get up to 80mph fairly easy but takes a little while to squeeze the last 5 or 6mph out of it. I have a 15t front and 32t rear sprockets.
I was cruising about 75 and a neon green extended rocket blew past me, that was kind of a bummer. Until I thought about insurance prices.
I decided to see just how fast the 09 would go today.

Bone stock and on a flat road.

Im 5 11' and weigh 240.

WOT and she got to just between 80 and 85.

^^^^^^^^^^^^Not bad!^^^^^^^^^^^^
180. Shoulda seen the look on that guy's face on the Hayabusa. Just wait 'till I get that nitrous installed . . . . .

2000 Rebel
i have finally moved up in speed the other day was a nice day no winds 80* so i went out for a good ride and got up to 75 mph without any problem at all the road was hilly but it held good

and i been trying to shift with the indicators on the speedo and holly cow a big differance in rev lol guess this whole time i been shifting to early cause i have never had the bike at such a high rev before shifting lol
It will really pick up speed pretty fast when you get the rpm up in the power band.
yeah i have noticed that also a big big power differance
Ive had mine up to 75. Im a small guy(125lb) and it was very windy but felt like it had more power. Between 55 and 75 i noticed no difference in power or stability. Ive read that the mph might be off slightly, havent had my wife drive the car and check it yet. Also ive started shifting at higher revs and noticed better percormance
Im a light weight, only 60 KG. I communte to work everyday and do a round trip of 90 kms on a motorway doing max 120 kph.

I reckon I could push it to 130 kph but dont have enough empty road.
130kph on flat (76.5mph), no wind.
But that's not the speed the rebel is made for.
Ive had mine up to 75.thats pretty close it may do 80 but I dont need to go that fast.
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I'm a bigger boy a little more than 250 lbs. My 86 250 Rebel will reliably pull up to 70 MPH in a flat section of road. It takes a mile to do it. She's been known to bump 80 carrying my big butt down a slight grade (might have had a tail wind) she maintained that 78-80 for a mile or so of flat ground right afterwards so probably did have a tailwind. I'm actually unsure if my 86 rebel is sporting an oversize rear sprocket, it is worn out and I got on here tonight to see if I could find out how many teeth the orignal sprocket has. lol
The original sprocket sizes are 14 teeth up front, and 33 on the rear.
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The original sprocket sizes are 14 teeth up front, and 33 on the rear.
Thank you kind sir.
I pegged my 05' Rebel 250 on I-45 in Houston. So 85ish? 6' 175 lbs.
I've got an '02 250, I'm 6' and 240, and I got to 79 according to the stock speedometer. Far as I know my bike is mechanically stock. And that was downhill slightly, with a very light wind assistance
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