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What's your 250 top speed ?

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I am curious as to what top speed your 250's will do .Was comeing home yesterday in freeway posted speed 100 kph [62 mph] n noticed speed i was doing 120 kph [74.5 mph] & was doing it easy had plenty of throttle left , next time am out will try to see what she will do. :dance:
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regularly ride 70 on the way to work. have hit an indicated 83 before on a good day.
but yeah, i have the same troubles with headwinds and hills making 5th just a lower revving 4th.
and mojo.... intresting advice considering your avitar. hahaha
my son tried to push my 82 cm250c and said when it hit the speedometer max of 55 it turned off, does any one know if it has a speed regulator on it?
No governor on them that I am aware of.
I'm not sure about the cm250 but the Rebel doesn't have any type of speed/rev limiter on it that I'm aware of.
My cm250 can go at least 70mph Virginia Beach's slow drivers haven't let or forced me to go faster. However that 55mph problem might be from a bad speedo cable or speedometer. I had a bad cable that would never indicate anything above 55mphonce . And also shifting is key too if you're already in 5th at 55 hard winds will likely keep you there.
my rebel is all stock and cruises routinely at 75 (speedo reading). Going down a steep hill with no wind or traffic I managed to peg the speedo. On days with strong winds, I have trouble getting past 60-65 (speedo reading). On the freeway I find the rebel to be adequate, just barely.
jatf, my son says at 55 the engine shut off, he had to top and restart it.
check your tank vent or petcock for fuel flow could be your problem. :thumb:
If the tank isn't venting properly, it will create a vacuum, cutting off fuel flow.
There is no high-tech computer management on a Rebel. It uses a pretty straightforward carburetor. I'm with flitecontrol on the tank vent being the most likely suspect.
if the tank is significantly rusty like my first cm250 tank was the rust flakes maybe cutting off fuel. man that tank had at least a couple of tablespoons of rust flakes in it and started rusting through. but when I first got my bike it topped out at 40 mph and maybe if i was lucky after a minute of white smoke clearing out the muffler it would get to 50 but would go back down to 40 again soon. Through rebuilding the whole bike with new or better used parts it can go 70mph+. if you want to know if you have a lot of rust in a tank and also get some of it out you can get one of those telescoping magnets like this stick it in the tank and see what it picks up. there also invaluable when rebuilding your engines top end and something falls into the crankcase.
tank not rusty, willcheck all tomarrow
Mine tops out at 177mph, aggravating inasmuch as I had to downshift to fourth to get that Hayabusa off my tail . . . .VMax's fear me.

2000 Rebel
Mine tops out at 177mph, aggravating inasmuch as I had to downshift to fourth to get that Hayabusa off my tail . . . .VMax's fear me.

2000 Rebel
That is funny...mine must have come off the same assembly line. My Honda ST-1300 can't touch my 2009 stock Rebel.

Actually I have hit a little over 80mph,might have gone a little more.
Almost made it to 250......

haha but not on the rebel :lol2::lol2:
haha but not on the rebel :lol2::lol2:
It is a prototype rebel, code named VFR, for Very Fast Rebel. It is so new they added the cover up fairings so you can't see the real bike underneath. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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On a freshly paved flat section of road I had mine reading just a hair over 85 mph, some left on the throttle, not much, but I was running out of smooth road. Haven't felt inclined to do that again.
my son says today he tried to see what the bike will do, said he got it up to 65mph but didn't try to push it more.
I was running 65mph into a strong head wind the other day. It was also 32 degrees outside. I also weigh about 285lbs!!
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