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What's your 250 top speed ?

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I am curious as to what top speed your 250's will do .Was comeing home yesterday in freeway posted speed 100 kph [62 mph] n noticed speed i was doing 120 kph [74.5 mph] & was doing it easy had plenty of throttle left , next time am out will try to see what she will do. :dance:
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I'm a light weight to 115lb plus am running 14/30 gears but bike has many extras addead .:thumb:
Top speed so far was around 85 indicated. That's faster than I need to go, but I wanted to see if she'd do it. Much of top end on a Rebel has to do with shifting technique. It doesn't have the torque to accelerate much in fifth gear.
Fridgitator my bike accelerates quite well in 5th gear now since rebuild even with taller gearing.:thumb:
I'm curious to see what your dyno results are.
Me too mojorisn can't wait to see what hp gain i have ,engine feels so strong n accelerates so quick now is increadable the difference from what she was like when first got her.:thumb:
check your tank vent or petcock for fuel flow could be your problem. :thumb:
Almost made it to 250......

haha but not on the rebel :lol2::lol2:
Comeing home tonight 2 up on bike n still doing 120 kph [ 74.5 mph ] n doing it easy .:dance:
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