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What's your 250 top speed ?

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I am curious as to what top speed your 250's will do .Was comeing home yesterday in freeway posted speed 100 kph [62 mph] n noticed speed i was doing 120 kph [74.5 mph] & was doing it easy had plenty of throttle left , next time am out will try to see what she will do. :dance:
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In 14½ years I've only received two citations on motorcycles. One was 13 years ago on a 1500, the other was summer 2010 on a 250 Rebel.

So to answer the original question? "Fast enough".
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Were you riding 6 Rebels at once by any chance?
That's not entirely impossible...

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All that work and my stock Rebel does the same top speed. Just sayin'... ;)
Have you shifted into fifth gear yet?
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Well one of his four posts mentions a slipping clutch, and if it's really slipping badly I can see a reduced speed...think feathering the clutch and grabbing a handful of throttle.

Barring that a stock Rebel should be capable of hitting 55mph in third gear --- about the time you should be shifting into 4th if you really like winding it up.
Hey, any landing you walk away from, is a good one.
Actually any landing you ride away from is a good one. ;)
I was behind a friend and he was doing 110. I was pegged and still had a lil to go. I run diff pugs to
110mph on a 250 with room to spare?

Or do you mean 110Kph?
Nope. Mph I had iCarly had 1/8 left

110KPH = 89mph, possible

110MPH on a 250 Rebel with only "better" spark plugs, either you or your buddy that was clocking you should consider a career in science fiction.
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ProDigit? Is that you?!?
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110 kph is only around 70 mph Richard,... That's the speed limit on our 4 lane highways around here.
That's what I get for trying to remember the conversion rate vs looking it up on Bing or Google. ;)

The KPH is even more believable, but I'm still calling dudeman for the SAE unit of measure with that number. :D
One thing is for sure, if the claim is true then I'm putting those plugs into my Shadow so I can destroy some Hayabusas.
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Bit it's not has better plugs. Slap a "TURBO" sticker on the tank and it'll do 140 for sure!
So far the claim is "all stock" with "better plugs" (which, judging by the pic, is merely a hotter plug versus the more expensive Iridium plugs etc) and "Shell 91" (which we all know works just as well as Shell 87 albeit at 30-40¢ more per gallon, the oil companies & their shareholders LOVE people like this).

His last post states he has no pilot jets. Now call me a skeptic, but that doesn't sound like a plausible modification for a bike that can go 25+mph faster than the rest of the Rebel population is capable of, let alone something that can even go the manufacturer & magazine claimed 75-85mph.

Folks, we're in the presence of a dudeman.
Bye-bye pilot jets on the Shadow, Isle of Man TT here I come!
That's right up there with the guy who said he took 90 degree turns at 60+ mph.
ProDigit/Meelee? The same vaporhead claiming 30mph top gear U-turns?
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