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What is it?

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Here's a game where you guess or tell what an item is - if you're correct you get to post the next item.

Let's start with something easy. It might not be so easy for some of the younger members. Don't play if you're not going to post the next item.

So, what is it?

Helmet Sleeve Auto part Natural material Personal protective equipment
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Industrial strength Pez dispenser.
No. It is a not a tool for lighting fires. However, if used incorrectly, it may lead to some...
My wife said that it reminded her of a PEZ dispenser too! Nope.
could one put it up to their eye and see through it the long way?
It is relatively solid you can't see through it that way.
But you can see through the "window" at the top, if that's what it is?
does it have a lens?
It has no lens. Should I put another angle?
yes, that might be helpful
Ok, here are a few more. It is spring loaded, so I have to hold it open. But, this'll give it away for sure.


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Etcher or marker of some sort, judging from what appears to be a sharpened tip under the head.
or cutter
It does cut, also pushing the button on the side turns the blade from horizontal to in line with the ^ above.
probably handy to have at night in a dark alley

"stop right there or I will cut you - OR - I may use this incorrectly and burn you"
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It cannot of itself cause any fire or heat generation. And, it'd be pretty hard to cut someone with the hidden blade.
I did mention a similar tool before. However, I never posted a picture of that tool. This one does the same job as that aforementioned tool. However, it does not go by the same name. Although it could.
Want me to show its use?
Same idea as the Kablemantleschnider. It ring cuts the cable without damaging the strands (if adjustment is correct). Then the button is pushed, rotating the blade, & it slices the jacket as you pull it off.


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Would this slit the insulation on all diameters of insulated copper wire? If yes, where would I purchase one? I recycle copper wire, and bare copper is worth 3-4X what insulated is.
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