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What is it?

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Here's a game where you guess or tell what an item is - if you're correct you get to post the next item.

Let's start with something easy. It might not be so easy for some of the younger members. Don't play if you're not going to post the next item.

So, what is it?

Helmet Sleeve Auto part Natural material Personal protective equipment
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Impact reamer.
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Judging from the wear pattern, is it a metal working hammer?
Crimper for sheet metal/stovepipe?
Lid opener?
Knitting needle.
OK, but sure looks like it could be used as one.
Some sort of pipette for wine?
That stands for Super Modest, and my modesty prevents me from seeking the attention posting a rare item would entail. ;) Plus, I have no idea how to get pictures from my phone to this forum! o_O
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Oh it's easy. Click on the little photo button:

I see. However, there's a problem. I do all email on a desktop, never my phone. Fiddling with the tiny little buttons on the phone is more trouble for me than it's worth, and I have to scroll way too much to view things. And for some reason, when I download pics from my camera, this new computer puts photo files in random folders. The old one asked where I would like them filed, this one just puts them wherever it chooses. So finding downloaded pic files is like looking for needles in a haystack.
Electronic ice pick.
I remember getting some pretty hard licks from those things.
Wire tensioner?
Would come in handy if you needed to clamp something small, or expand the end of a tube. Have no idea what it's specifically used for.
Judging from the residue, I would guess paint, masonry, or similar use.
Bug sprayer, probably used DDT. Could be used on flying or crawling insects.
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Sure can, Flit. "Get the Flit" meant get the bug sprayer. ESSO became Exxon.

Here's an old ESSO joke. Bunch of bees riding motorcycles need gas, so the first in line pulls into a Shell station and all the others follow except for the last one, who goes to the ESSO station across the street. One bee asks another, "What's with him?", to which the other replies, "Oh, you know, there's always at least one ESSO bee in every group."
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If you read my earlier post about me and pictures, you'll understand that, unfortunately, may never happen.
I want to cry foul. In post 357, Emil incorrectly identified the pictured item as a parts removal tool. It's actually a fish hook remover.
Event Drawing
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Just kidding, but both are similar. Your tool is much sturdier.
Beveled ends make me think some kind of scraper.
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