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What is it?

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Here's a game where you guess or tell what an item is - if you're correct you get to post the next item.

Let's start with something easy. It might not be so easy for some of the younger members. Don't play if you're not going to post the next item.

So, what is it?

Helmet Sleeve Auto part Natural material Personal protective equipment
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Oil can pierce & pour.
Does it have to be motorcycle-related?
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Oil can pierce & pour.
winner winner chicken dinner
How about this?
Wood Font Rectangle Flooring Tool
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good one - no idea
It's not vehicle related. If it should be related to motorcycle repair, I have a good one.
that rule would be too limiting - let's see if someone else knows what it is
have you got a better pic of the top part?
not sure what it is but looks like it would make a good fence post puller
Fence post puller is correct.
Ding ding ding! Right
ok, i have one more for tonight - it's obvious what it is but why is it shaped oddly?

Camera accessory Gas Tool Cameras & optics Machine
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Is that for a toekick? Only thing that kind of makes sense.
Never saw a saw like that before.
man, you're too good

it's a toe kick saw

How about this old school tool.
Brown Wood Sleeve Font Gas
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Valve lapper?
Right! Valve lapper. Your turn to post, What've you got? Strange tools?
My Dad had one of these hanging in the garage when I was a kid but I never saw him use it for anything and I didn't know what it was until just a few years ago.

Metal Pipe Wood Electric blue Titanium
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Looks like a nail puller
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It is.

You're up.
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