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For a 2nd gen (i have a 2008) how should each up shift feel? 1-2, 2-3,3-4,4-5? Please try and describe it.

Here is how my recently purchased used bike feels.
1-2 (I have to make sure I give a firm, strong, full upshift). Its a pretty hefty pull.
all the rest (very similar) but it doesnt seem to require the same range of pull.

It certainly isnt as easy as slicing thru soft butter, but I also dont have any reference as this is my first bike.

Also, for ANYONE who feels their shifting is as smooth and easy as slicing thru soft butter, can you please take a picture of your gear shifter and linkage from this perspective, I really want to see how your shifter is positioned. AND if you can, take a picture of each side of your tie-rod end, I want to see how much thread can be seen.

Like these:



I have a feeling mine just is not setup right.
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