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This is the worst, and I’m just making it worse

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So my mom had a used cmx 250 and it had been treated terribly, and after a while and a lot of other things she gave it to me and it had a carb issue so it didn’t run. I got it running but the carb probs came back so I got an aftermarket carb that “fit” but of course there were studs on the cylinder head that needed to be removed and swapped. long story short one snapped in the worst possible place. Bolt extractors 6mm and up don’t fit and I have yet to find a 5mm size extractor. Any comments and ideas to help solve this would be appreciated.
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If it were mine I would mig/tig weld a nut onto the end of the remaining stud - let it cool until it's no longer red hot - then give it a gentle turn both ways. If you get some movement, give it the penetrating fluid and carefully turn it both ways until it seems like it will take more torque to come out. If the nut breaks off, weld on another one.

I would put the ground cable as close to the weld as possible and unplug the wiring harness from the engine.
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