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Thinking about a trike

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Well, I was driving past the Harley Davidson lot (don't hit me) and I spotted a trike that just caught my eye. Same color as The Grumpy (my car), the Grumpy Queen (my motorcycle) and would look nice parked beside both (sensing some greed going on here). :whistling:

So my question is, would I look like a big old sissie riding a three wheeler? Or can you still be cool even though you are riding a tricycle with a big engine? Inquiring minds want to know. :D
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I took the sidecar/trike training here in Washington State. I enjoyed the small Harley trike they had. I didn't care for the reverse trike. Too complicated electronically, and a very small turning radius.

My favorite though, was the sidecar. I absolutely loved it!

A few months later I got my own:

Since then, I've been debating whether or not to trike the Rebel.

Its true, you don't lean a 3-wheeler into curves; you lean your self into them instead. The bike (hopefully) stays strait upright. Its not for everyone, but it I really like it. :)
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