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Thinking about a trike

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Well, I was driving past the Harley Davidson lot (don't hit me) and I spotted a trike that just caught my eye. Same color as The Grumpy (my car), the Grumpy Queen (my motorcycle) and would look nice parked beside both (sensing some greed going on here). :whistling:

So my question is, would I look like a big old sissie riding a three wheeler? Or can you still be cool even though you are riding a tricycle with a big engine? Inquiring minds want to know. :D
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I can certainly see the appeal for riders who have some physical challenge that makes a 2 wheeler difficult or impossible. I suspect that if and when I get to that stage I will go to exclusively riding a lightweight motorcycle like the Rebel in preference to a 3 wheeled version of a heavier bike. If I can't handle the Rebel, I'll get a sports car or something.
It's the unique handling of a 2 wheeler that does it for me. Like flying an airplane on the ground since there is never any sense of sideways G forces in corners. "Gravity" always pulls you straight down into the seat.
Some people are going directly to the Bombardier 3 wheelers rather than trying a motorcycle first. I'm assuming the perceived precariousness of 2 wheels was a deterrent for them. they think they can get the effect of a motorcycle without giving up the security of a car. I'm just not into it at all.
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