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Tachometer questions....again

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I would like to permanently attach a tach to my Rebel. I have reviewed a whole bunch of post and I am stumped on where to connect it. A picture of an exact location or of how and where someone connected it would be great, but I never found one.
I read one forum with a Vague mention of the Bu/Y wire and a wiring diagram that looks like it comes off the ignition control Module. and just to be sure I am attaching my first pic. Is that the ignition control module? the second is the wiring Diagram and I circled the only Bu/y wire I could find and it just does not look right to me seeing it in the Diagram
I have also read some threads that said they attached it to one of the coils. I am attaching another picture of the same Diagram and I am wondering would you get into them before or after they split?
Then the Third Option someone said they just attached to the yellow one....there are three.... they go thru a plug before going to what I believe is the ignition control module.
I really do try and find the answers looking through years of past threads but I end up with more questions and hoping for a photo. I have a picture of the yellow wires before and after the plug if anyone would like to see those.


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No that isn't the ignition control module which we tend to call the CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) module
Blue/Yellow circuit is found on 4 circuit CDI connector, your image is of the three Yellow regulator/rectifier alternator circuits..
Just behind the coils and regulator/rectifier is CDI hanging from frame
You can see the three yellow alternator wires to the left of CDI module in this image..
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