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Sudden hard start and hesitation? Burnt valve?

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Bought the bike with left (drivers side) cylinder disconnected from head, no air filter. Started up and ran great, drove it 32 miles home (I know that's not good).

Replaced exhaust collar, gasket, and air filter runs great.

Replaced starter clutch (Chinese junk), ran like garbage, put old starter clutch back in (but with new Chinese internals), runs great, but now occasionally makes a "barking" or "honking goose" noise on start up.

Right side exhaust came loose while riding, drive it about 10 miles home. Looked like some oil was bubbling and boiling out of the valve cover gasket. Fixed exhaust, went to bed.

Today: Put some "engine restorer" in the oil, starts rough and stalls when given gas. Rev it to get it moving in first, runs okayish. Still runs rough.

What happened? It used to run 100% flawlessly!

Burnt valves from loose exhaust?
Engine restorer messed something up?
Something went wrong with starter clutch installation?

Help me out fellas

EDIT: Just went for 30 min ride. Seemed better. Still a little hesitating and sounded like backfiring? Liveable, but could be better
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Avoid the "Energy Conserving" ones.
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Leaking head gasket, sticky valve(s), valve lash are also a possibility.

Grab a leak-down tester and dig in a little more after checking the clearances.
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