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Street Shield EX and Turn Signal Interference

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2012 250 Rebel

Just got my National Cycle Street Shield EX today after seeing all the good words about this windscreen on here. It appears the lower corners of the windscreen partially covers the front turn signals on my bike....haven't seen this mentioned on the forum. Is there a simple way to lower the turn signals or some other way to avoid this interference? Thanks for any help.
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I don't have that kind of windscreen but I had to lower mine when I installed my windshield.
I used HD directionals which have the added benefit of having markers as well. They attached to the tops of the front struts with minimal effort.
The wind just barely gets over my head, but my wife complains about the buffeting if I'm behind a large vehicle.

I guess I can answer her the same as my mom once did when she left a cabinet open, (she was a head shorter than me), and, not seeing it, I bashed my head into it. Her answer... "It doesn't bother me!" with a big grin on her face.
My wife swears she will never ride with me. She was happy to ride 48 years ago before we married! I think I’ll shoot for top of helmet.
The Rebel, is IMO the perfect bike to cruise around 2-up on back roads.
My wife was the same, even during hard peg scraping curves on my sport bikes. On many rides I even had to make sure that she was awake! The GW was too comfortable, if there truly is such a thing. But I've caught her starting to doze many times on many different motorcycles. Not yet on the Rebels though.
Now it's "slow down" with a slap, even on this little machine!
She still does ask to go out riding, if it's a nice day though.
I couldn't give any counsel on that particular issue because mine are all 1st generation.
These are mounted to the very top of the forks on mounting holes in the aluminum. That's why I'd mentioned buying some to mount to the forks down lower. I just looked again at the '86 to see what I did there. I spaced the shield out 2" & the directionals are seen through it. It does make the front easier to clean...
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