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Street Shield EX and Turn Signal Interference

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2012 250 Rebel

Just got my National Cycle Street Shield EX today after seeing all the good words about this windscreen on here. It appears the lower corners of the windscreen partially covers the front turn signals on my bike....haven't seen this mentioned on the forum. Is there a simple way to lower the turn signals or some other way to avoid this interference? Thanks for any help.
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Sorry I'm just now seeing this. I've had the Street Shield EX on my bike since day one and it just takes a bit of fiddling to make it fit good and solid above the signal lights. Even if it "clips" them by an 1/8" they'll still be plenty bright so don't worry too much over it.
When I was trying to decide where I wanted my shield, I'd go down the road and stand up and let the wind hit my face. Then I'd lower toward the seat and when the wind no longer hit my helmet I mentally registared the relationship between my face and the top of the shield. So when I sat down I adjusted the windshield so it was in that same position. Now when I ride down the road at highway speed, I can double up my fist and place it on top of my helmet and and feel the wind going over the top of my fist. Works for me. Enjoy your Street Shield. Nice windshield.

I read your post while on the treadmill in the gym this morning. Checked the location of the wind in relationship to my helmet and that's exactly where it is...............just grazing the top of the helmet. Guess it's moved a bit with all the stuff I've been doing up on the front forks with the wind diverters, etc. So it's working good because it's adjusted correctly...........even though I didn't know what the heck I was talking about! :D
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