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Street Shield EX and Turn Signal Interference

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2012 250 Rebel

Just got my National Cycle Street Shield EX today after seeing all the good words about this windscreen on here. It appears the lower corners of the windscreen partially covers the front turn signals on my bike....haven't seen this mentioned on the forum. Is there a simple way to lower the turn signals or some other way to avoid this interference? Thanks for any help.
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Thanks Emil, I went ahead and mounted it a little high to clear the turn signals and bring it in close to the instrument panel as Buickguy recommended. Too cold here today to ride, so will check it out and tweak it when it warms up.
Chris, thanks, that's how I ended up mounting it, just slightly above the turn signals. Thought this was too high, but looking at pictures on this forum, I see several with it this high. I'm 6 ft tall, so it may work out good that high. Thanks again!
Great idea and technique, I'll try it!
My wife swears she will never ride with me. She was happy to ride 48 years ago before we married! I think I’ll shoot for top of helmet.
Hi,I have a national on my 2015 ,it doesnt extend out that far.Sure you got the correct one for a rebel? Will send pic if you wish. Take Care
Thanks Lexi, I got mine on, bottom comes just to top of the turn signals. Got the model ‎N2567-01 which said it was for Honda Rebel 250. I rode it yesterday and seemed really good, wind just at top of my helmet. Bottom of windshield is 3 inches above headlight, which is max National Cycle instructions recommended, so I think I'm good.....but would like to see pictures of yours and I'm sure others would too. I'll try to put pictures of mine on here in a follow up post and some lessons learned that may help others. Thanks again for the reply!
Thanks, ArmyLaws, but on my 2012 250 Rebel they are mounted separately each to top of the fork with two bolts, one of which would loosen and allow me to slide the signal down the fork, but the second bolt goes up vertically and would have to be left unattached if I lowered it. Thanks for the response though!
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