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Rebel riders in North Carolina

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I live near Winston-Salem, NC and am looking for owners of Rebels or other smaller bikes that might like to get together for rides.
I'm not looking to form a formal club at the moment but would like to ride with others.

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I know I'm late to the party here, but i live in Wilkes County, NC and i just bought my Rebel 4 days ago. I would love to find a group of people that have similar bikes and that are welcoming to new riders to be able to ride with and just talk about bikes with.
Where at in Wilkes? Im just over the line into Yadkin. Just put my bike in the shop (Smiths in Elkin) to get it running. Would love to get together when I get it back and beat around.
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Unfortunately, ArmyLaws 😕 only posted that 1 message in February & hasn't been heard from since.
Ugh. I don't post a lot but I'm around.
Hey, sure thing. I live up near Wilkesboro, towards Miller's Creek. I'm actually going to be planning a ride up on the dragon with my old first Sgt from the Army. Probably going to go sometime as soon as the warm weather really hits, you'd be welcome to join.
Cool deal. Hopefully my bike will be ready soon and I can get some seat time. Pm me and we can get together sometime.
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