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Hoping to get a small group of riders together for a meet again in May, and looking for input on the weekend that's most preferred.


For many years, Rebel Riders have gathered in August for the Annual Rally in S E Ohio, to ride together on twisty, turning roads through the forests, hills, and picturesque scenery of the Appalachian Plateau.

Last year, for the first time, a group of us got together for an informal Gathering in the Spring in the same area, at Lake Hope State Park. Although the weather wasn’t as good as it is in August, with some rain on Friday and Saturday, the sun came out for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and everybody enjoyed the event.

I'm sure that the date and location for the August Annual Rally will soon be announced, but in the meantime we’re asking for your input on the best date for our second Annual Spring Gathering.

The “main ride” – probably between 150 and 200 mile round trip with multiple stops, including lunch - will be on a Saturday, with other planned rides on the Friday and Sunday. Some riders like to come in a few days early, and stay over a few days, and they generally like to ride together on those days, also.

Everybody is free to come for a whole week, a few days, or just one day, and throughout the Gathering there will be get-togethers in the evenings with riders, family, and friends welcomed.

Accommodation is available in the State Park, with campsites and cabins, and at other campsites and motels, etc., within up to 20 miles of the Park.

If you’ll consider joining us for this event, we’ll appreciate your thoughts now on the best weekend in May. The weather is likely to get better as that month goes on, but the first weekend is also the date for the Wild Turkey Festival in neighboring McArthur, and last year they included a motorcycle show that we all visited. On the second weekend, the Sunday is Mother’s Day, and the fourth is Memorial Day weekend. You may or may not want to be away from home those weekends.

So please post your view on the best weekend in May, and how likely you are to participate. Thanks! Of course, I'll keep you informed on what's decided, so that you can make your arrangement if you want join us.

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For anybody that may be interested in joining us at Lake Hope, Ohio for our meet in May this year...

At the moment, it looks like we may have 10 or 12 bikes coming, and the favored weekends are the first (coinciding with the Thunder Roads motorcycle show in nearby McArthur), and the third, with less enthusiasm for the Mother's Day or Memorial Day weekends.

Last year (our first there in May, as far as I know), we had a few last-minute dropouts, and 7 bikes turned out, mostly Rebels coming in on Friday, through some of the worst storms of the year. The remaining days were fine and fun.

If you're considering this meet, please let us know your preferred weekend. If you're interested, but need to know more, feel free to post your questions here. Thanks.
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