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Hello All,

I'm designing an ebike with a rebel 250 as a donor bike.

I need to know the o.d. of the stock rear tire, to calculate values such as bike speed for a given motor speed (it's a single speed)

Do all rebels use a 15" rear wheel?

What's the outside diameter of the stock rear tire?

Also: can you clue me in on how to read the responses to my posts?

and- does anyone near Detroit have rebel 250 components for sale e.g swing arm, rear tire and brake assembly, front end with triple crowns, forks, wheel assy with brake rotor ?


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I think that it will be far cheaper and easier to buy a non-running parts bike for a few hundred dollars. Trying to buy parts piecemeal could get expensive. Rebels do have a 15 inch rear wheel, adding about 4 inches for the tire sidewall should get you in the ball park, good luck with your project and please post pics!!
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