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I believe this may be my first post, so hello everyone.

Pod filters are often chosen on custom builds to free up space under the seat, or "improve" apearance. The problem with doing this on the Rebel, is dealing with the crankcase breather hose. I've read that most people place a mini filter on the breather, but it seems a filter this small may clog easily, making it a hasty or lazy solution.

I want to share the intake I have built to solve this this issue using the parts below:

1.5x0.5 PVC reducer T
0.5x0.38 barbed fitting
1.50x1.50 rubber coupling for PVC.
(The coupling comes with its own hose clamps)

Assemble the parts as such:
Cplg to carburetor>PVC to cplg>Pod filter to PVC>fitting to PVC T

The hose from the crankcase is connected to a reservoir that catches engine oil, then the hose from that reservoir is routed to the 0.38 fitting. The reservoir itself can be left "hanging" as it does not weigh much, and the new position of the hose to the intake supports it. Paint the PVC, tighten everything down, and now all you all have to worry about it is a lean mixture. But thats another topic entirely.

The only concern I have is that PVC has a heat tolerance of 140F before distorting. I do not know what the air temperature outside the rear of the carb reaches durring hot months, but I will discover this once my build is complete. Thanks for looking.


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