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Post oil seal replacement issue.

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I'm back on the rebel scene. I have 2 in the shop currently. A 2009 that needs Jesus. And a 2016 that I just put back on the road.

I bought the 16 model leaking oil on the dry side. I just replaced the oil seal yesterday. I got it out today to see how she runs. Runs like a top. Oil leak is gone. However when I got it out on the road, I'm having a shifting issue. When I go up through the gears, it's as if it never fully engages the next gear. Almost like riding the clutch. Clutch cable is good, tension is good. Anyone had issues like this. I've had over 60 rebels since 2001 and this is the first oil seal I've had to replace on one. Thanks in advance.
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I am thinking that you removed the shifter to access the cover and perhaps didn’t get it back in the same place. The linkage can be a little fussy.
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^ that would do it
I'll give it a look tomorrow. I did adjust the linkage to raise the shifter slightly. It tough with a size 13 sometimes.
Update... clutch is stuck. Anyone have a line on a good aftermarket pack and basket? I tried some old-school tricks but she's stuck I'm afraid. So I'll cut my losses and replace it so I can get this one on to its next home and work on the 09 that gonna have me working harder than an ugly stripper.
That would be @Emil as he has had good luck with low cost complete new assemblies
Member Emil has this one and recommends it. Grinding upon acceleration. | Honda Rebel 250 & 450 Forum (

A half second behind SK! :dunno:
The nice thing about this set is that it slid on (with only a little finesse), as a set. The clearances are tight, it has to go on perfectly straight. Total time to remove the old & have the Rebel ridable, (not including the overnight oil soak), was less than an hour.
The whole thing was lined up just the same as the old 1 was when I slid it off.
It hasn't been replaced yet & I now have 49,000 miles on that '85 Rebel.
Hope it works as easily for you. :)
I just ordered one from the link above. Looks like it's 10 days out so I'll have to rearrange the shop and start on the other bike.
I'm going to need the removal tool as well. If anyone has a link for that.
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Replacement for Honda part # 07716-0020100 many for less than $10 : 07716-0020100

some grind an old socket down to fit.
Thanks. Just order it.
So here we are.... tomorrow I will get her back on the road.

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I replaced the stock clutch pack with the item suggested on ebay. It does not work. It will shift into first if you force it, but trying to go up through the gears is impossible.
Sorry for your issues.
1 thing, never force it into gear. If it doesn't go easy, something else is wrong.
To me, it still sounds like the shifter isn't adjusted correctly.
See this post. Foot shifter extremely hard to upshift
The problem is definitely in the clutch. The shifter is in the same position it came from. It just refuses to go in gear unless you rock it while changing.
gear dog alignment has nothing to do with clutch..
I often have to rock bike slightly for the dogs to align and engage gear.
Your 1st post in this thread, said that you were having shifting issues before you replaced the clutch. Why do you think that the problem is still in the clutch? If it had been, surely it should've been fixed after it was replaced.??
I wasn't having shifter issues, I rotated the shifter to make it easier to get my size 13 foot under it. it does't affect anything other than the amount of pivot needed in your foot to operate the shifter.
as one who always wears steel toe boots i found raising shift lever caused shift problems as shift drum wasn't rotated as much as needed..
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