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Oil smells like gasoline….still

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Hey all. I’m currently finishing up the clutch on the 450. The oil still smells like gas. I haven’t even rode the bike and the fresh oil smells like gas. It’s just been idling and moving it around here and there with it running.

I smell the inside of the engine from the area where the balance chain is with the clutch cover off and it smells like gas 😡😡. When the bike was apart I polished the float seats in the carbs but I guess that didn’t work. Are my float needles the culprit of this? I am still using the original petcock that only draws fuel in from the tank with vacuum from the engine. That isn’t leaking fuel when the bike is off. I really don’t know what else it could be. I’m literally sitting next the oil I drained out of the engine along with the bike with the cover off and it is just giving off fumes of gas. I don’t even want to put oil in the bike and just contaminate new fresh oil at this point but I also want to see if the clutch will work correctly.
Any things to look for or check? Thanks


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I hear that but it’s the same problem I had before the rebuild. Just don’t want to cause any damage to internal metal by running thinned out oil. To me I just smell the gas but the oil doesn’t really look to thin. Wondering If I should put a bandaid on the problemm for now and run a heavier oil just incase there is gas getting in some how. Maybe 20w-40. Either that or I can get a different petcock. During the rebuild I had the tank off with the petcock still attached to the tank in the off position and it never leaked.
Could possibly be a hole in one of the floats
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