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New Tires

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Anybody buy tires from Chapparal Motorsports in California? Thanks, shopping for new tires for my 2012 250 Rebel with original tires on it...only 900 miles on it, but figure tires aren't really safe. Looking at Bridgestones, but any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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I've been running the shinko 712 front and a pirelli mt-66 in the rear. I liked the way the IRC stock style front tire handled opposed to the shinko, but the IRC stock style tires wear out quick compared to the shinko. I killed a brand new front IRC tire in nearly the same amount of miles as a Dunlop 404 rear. With the shinko 712, I get two rear tires out of one front, which is how it should be. I haven't tried the Kenda tires, but am satisfied with the current duo of tires on the rebel.

God bless 🙏
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