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Anybody buy tires from Chapparal Motorsports in California? Thanks, shopping for new tires for my 2012 250 Rebel with original tires on it...only 900 miles on it, but figure tires aren't really safe. Looking at Bridgestones, but any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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Many of us like Kenda tires. The Cruiser & Challenger are the ones that I have on mine.
My '85 is still at my old house, but I'm pretty sure that the Challenger is on the back & the Cruiser is on the front.
I'm trying out a Prerelli rear tire on my '86. The front is still a 90/90/18 51H Kenda Cruiser.
One thing to add. Since I now live in Amish territory, many of the roads are gravel. These tires are the BEST that I've ever had for use on gravel & dirt roads! Other Rebel riders have said the same.
The Perelli rear tire seems to be very good too. But, I've only been using it for about 8 months.
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The Cruiser wasn't available at the time that I needed one. But I do love the Challenger. If I had gotten a Cruiser for the back, my story might be different. I know this setup works.
By the way... We ride 2-up on these w/o any issues for hundreds of miles at a time.
If you have them done "professionally", be sure to check out your spokes before (show them that they are all tight & unbroken), and after the work is done.
Speaking from having a bad experience, trust after verification.
I now always do mine myself!
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