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New Tires

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Anybody buy tires from Chapparal Motorsports in California? Thanks, shopping for new tires for my 2012 250 Rebel with original tires on it...only 900 miles on it, but figure tires aren't really safe. Looking at Bridgestones, but any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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Thanks Emil, is that the K657 (rear) Challenger (130/90H-15 66H) and the
K671F (front) Cruiser S/T (90/90H-18 51H) ??? I also see a Kendal K671 130/90-15 for the the Challenger better than the Cruiser for the rear?

Emil, the last rear tire is a Cruiser or Callenger for the rear? Thanks!
Thanks....I live out in the country, and have gravel road from highway to house, so that's good to know. Decided to go with Kenda.
One last question Emil, I'm going with the 90/90-18 Kenda Cruiser in front, and can get either the Cruiser or Challenger 130/90-15 for the rear. Is there a reason you went with the Challenger instead of the Cruiser for the rear? Thanks
2012 250 Rebel
Thanks, I'll go with the Challenger also...."don't fix it if it ain't broke"!
Thanks! I went with the Kendas, now just have to get them put on.
Thanks, Emil. I plan to do it myself. 50 miles to nearest Honda shop, and I'm still able to fix most things myself, but at 72 it's getting a little more challenging. With this forum and Youtube, I should be OK....but I wonder how we fixed things 25 years ago...a lot of trial and error....mostly error for me, but always got the tractor or hay baler going again!
Will do all that, thanks!
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