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Just bought a 2016 Rebel. Can't wait to pick it up!!!!
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Didn't Honda get the old engine from a Nighthawk? So why was it okay to take that engine from another bike, but when they do in now, it is terrible, and a travesty? It seems that this is in keeping with the Rebel history. Build a lightweight cruiser and stick a twin engine from the lineup? So much butthurt!
I agree. However, I feel that bashing the updated model in no way invites our new model riding brethren into the fold. That is why I continue to defend the new Rebel. We need new blood to keep the hobby viable. I seriously feel that a Rebel 300/500 section should be opened up on the forum. This is the "Honda Rebel Forum", not the "CMX250/450" forum. I want to learn about them. And perhaps someday get one, either as a younger siblings to my girl, or as an upgrade!

*Steps down off soapbox.
Hmm. The nighthawk entry on Wikipedia says it was first produceded in 1982.
Yeah I am aware of wiki limitations. Also of my own limitations (want to fix the wiki entry, but lack knowledge and motivation). I knew my post would stir it all up (AGAIN!) and I apologise. I'll try to stay quiet, but this hasn't been my strength in the past...
Since the 300 & 500 have absolutely NOTHING shared with the 250 (or 450) people here have nothing to offer on the matter.
Well, that lasted at least 5 minutes.
1. Yes they do. Many Rebel riders are trying out motorcycles and maintenance for the first time, and the collective knowledge held in the brain trust here is a valuable resource. Tabaka, for example, owns a couple of bikes and quads, and his knowledge from working on the other rides has been passed on here to the benefit of Rebel owners.
2. This is exactly why we should have a new Rebel section. The 250/450 folks can learn from the new folk, and the new folk can become the old dawgs of tomorrow, keeping this thing alive!

PS I'm still embarrassed about the false Wikipedia info I passed. Sigh. Fake news
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