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Might have found a good deal.

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I found a 125 not too far from me for 1000€. It had the engine exchanged and has now less than 30'000km.
I'm wondering if priced for machines like that will get any lower after the season. What do you guys think?
(I guess i'm asking our german friends primarily)
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125's are expensive in DE.
Yes, 125cc is Expensive cause they made a separate License for car drivers you can get without a Test ( that's unique in Germany)

The 125 cc is priced like the 250cc if not higher in Germany.
You find both on the Web for about 1800-2500€

Do you want a 125cc especially?
I'm from luxembourg, and we have a similar license to the german one. Specific for 125cc. Just we can't ride outside of the country. Thus, i'm thinking about making a normal license, but it's 3x more expensive, so not sure. I noticed that 125cc are similarly priced to 250cc. Basically, the 125cc solution will be cheaper for me because of my lack of drivers licence. But because of the high chance of probably wanting to upgrade to a higher cc some day, i'm still leaving my specific plans open depending of how fast i can get the money. (Plus gear and insurance) . All this will only be possible for next season, if not the one after.
Ah okay, thought you have a normal License.
In my opinion, it depends for what you want a bike.
For everyday riding to work etc. a 125 would be as good as any Bike.
If you ride mainly for the fun of it bigger bikes would give you more, although the 250 is not a rocket of course.
In my first live as a biker I rode mainly bikes between 650 and 900 cc ( Cruisers an Café Racers), if it is not for hilly regions or Mountain, I would say the Rebel 250 is about as much fun if you ride in cruiser mode.
That's if Sound and "machismo" is not important to you.
If you ride mainly on small or smallest roads, a 250 may even be more fun than a middle-weight bike.
But of course, this is all opinion.
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I'd like to commute, at least some seasons. But i mainly want to cruise. And i'm thinking 125 is ok for that. But i have my doupts :)
Being as Luxembourg is about the same size as Rhode Island in the United States. I think even then that I'd still go with the 250. It would be more fun! Plus, if you decide/need to go out of Country, you can.
That's what I thought to.
That Special License in Germany ist restrictet to Germany as well.
But of course you have a lot more Space for driving.
I would definitely take the Standart Motorcycle License.
If you want a 125 still, you just ride it, but could make Trips wherever you like and if some day, maybe you want to upgrade, you can ride whatever you like.
I would say it wouldn't hurt waiting for the season to be over. Right around the time people have to start storing their bikes many will opt to just sell it and will even sometimes take less than what they are asking for it. I used to live in Mannheim, so I know how cold it can get with the ice and all and I know how many people do not have garages and have to pay for storage. So you will probably be able to find one for a BIT cheaper, but it's up to you if you want to try and save a few hundred Euro or get it now and be able to ride now. Lol.
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This bike might be a great deal or a big mistake. I took some pictures. What do you think?


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This bike might be a great deal or a big mistake. I took some pictures. What do you think?
I can get it for "less than 800 (€)"....
But i think i'll have to go lower than that. Considering what the exhaust under the bike looks like (4th picture). The rust on the suspensions seem to be not too much of a big deal. Then the fork... it's losing chrome. One buddy says that i'll have to entirely exchange that? The gas tank comes with a dent and a scratch, which don't bother me too much. He's selling it with a second tank that is rusty inside. So that's basically a flowerpot at most. Most people i asked suggest to keep my fingers off this bike for 800€. For less, maybe. 500, 600, but not more. Is that as good assessment?
I'm asking for your personal opinion, not a professional quota ;) thx guys.
From what i see, this Bike looks f*cked up.
The previous Owners didnt look after the bike, not even a little.
If i wanted a bike to ride, i wont buy this one.
If i wanted something for restauration, then maybe.

Maybe 350 €.
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chrome loss isn't in an area that fork seal rides along so I wouldn't worry
A gallon or two of white vinegar will take care of rust in tank
While the rust and missing clamp on exhaust cross over slide fitting doesn't bother me so much the developing crack and previous weld repair does.
Fluid Automotive tire Automotive exterior Gas Cylinder

The carburetor is a replacement, not the type Honda used on any years of Rebel
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Judging from the rear sprocket & the VIN it looks like a 1997 125 Rebel.
AND it wasn't maintained! Wow!
Never mind, I just went all the way back up to the header. Sometimes I just don't remember/notice the obvious.
30mm fork boots would cover and protect the fork chrome. For Honda Rebel CMX 250/300/450/500/1100 Front Fork Damping Protective Cover | eBay
Judging from the rear sprocket & the VIN it looks like a 1997 125 Rebel.
AND it wasn't maintained! Wow!
Never mind, I just went all the way back up to the header. Sometimes I just don't remember/notice the obvious.
Can you help me with that? I see a 96 somewhere, but not an indication for 97. Where/how do you read that? Thank you.
The 10th letter in the VIN is a "V". If I read correctly, that means 1997, although the manufacturing date may be in late 1996.
Ok, so i'll try and find a new exhaust and possibly a new fork, and will in 1-2 day propose him 350€ any place i can find parts for germany or at least europe? Where do you guys get lucky?
I think someone like Kreuzi would be the best one to answer that.
I ordered parts from the USA most times. But I've also gotten some from China & India.
It really depends on how long that you're willing to wait & what is available for you.
Mate, for the price of €800 doesn't look like a good deal at all. If you're looking to restore it and have plenty of money to spend, maybe (if you don't mind the headaches of doing so).
But being a 125 and never seeing any maintenance AT ALL like that - and the non-stock parts put - I don't feel like even €350 is even fair.
I'd personally buy a bike that gave me some assurance it will work optimally for at least some time, given repairs I could afford mentally and financially.
But if you're really into it and can't stop thinking about how amazing this could be, then this is all bs, just go for it.
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