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Looking for all the manuals for a 2004 cmx250

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Just picked up an 04 250 for my son. Hasn't run, been turned over, or even rolled 3 feet, in 4 years. spent the evening flushing the fuel system and charging the battery. Damn thing started up with no trouble. Apparently, these things don't die...

But nonetheless, I am looking for an owner's manual, a factory service manual, and hopefully a parts manual. Preferably electronic not paper. I don't like Clymer manuals. I abhor Hayes manuals. Learned that with my last 2 hondas. Price isn't so much an issue as accuracy is, but all the Honda manuals I find are paper. Does anyone have some direction for me?
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Welcome to the forum!
I know someone here knows where to get that. Personally I've never looked, as I've always preferred to have a hard copy.
You'll have an answer soon, I'm sure.
You're right, these are hard to kill. I've crashed 1 of mine at 55 mph & it was still roadable. I bought 1 that had set 20 years & it started right away, after doing similar prep. Great bikes! And nice looking, comfortable, economical, & most of all fun to ride!
Oh, it took a pretty thorough cleaning. Soaked the carb for an hour in chem dip, then spayed everything out with b12. I was more amazed by the fact that the only thing really wrong was bad gas and a dead battery. One of the things I want the book for is to rebuild that carb to make sure I got everything and to rebuild the brakes that are very soft.

Also... Is it just me, or is the shifter travel ridiculously long on these bikes? And the friction zone seems really tiny.... Are those just in need of adjustment, or is that just the way they are?
If you're comparing it to a souped up sport bike, it would seem overly long. It could though just be in need of adjustment.
I was thinking about your want for a manual that wasn't paper, & thought that this forum runs pretty close. With the knowledge base of some of the members here, that's about what you've got.
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