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Larger front wheel.

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Other than raising the front fender, what else is needed when putting on a slightly larger front wheel?
I already have the wheel, and it's been on a Rebel before, I just want to know if there are any roadblocks or dangers that haven't yet come to mind.
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Is the wheel in the center?
Does the brake disc fit?
Does the caliber line up with the disk?
Does the tire rub the fender bobs?

So if the wheel is in center with the correct spacer and the brake works just fin; have fun! You're golden.


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Like I said above the wheel was already been on another Rebel ('87). Someone had another rim respoked with a Rebel hub so it does fit & it is a centered 1st gen setup.
I plan to raise the fender.
So it seems that it'll work.
Now I just need to check for the trueness & such of it, because it'd been in a wreck. No impact, just poor "engineering" on the POs part
I'll definitely examine it very closely before trusting my life to it.
How many Inches is the wheel? Put some pictures on please?

My rim came of a XL250/500 front. That's a 23"
I also had a rear wheel made so now I have a set to build the next project.
It rolls like dream!

As I said, the next step is a project with 23's front and rear.


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