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I just purchased a 1985 Rebel 250, 12,905 miles and have started renovation. Looking for any and all advice for this undertaking. Has been sitting for years. Purchased for $360 from friend. Does not run (I believe is gummed up carb---new kit or carb as necessary) I am: flushing and filling all fluids, new filter(s), brakes, and any misc parts as necessary, having tank and fenders painted and side covers re-chromed, new tires, and condsidering new seat (seat cover in excellent condition but seat itself is hard (is this normal or hardened over time?) Very much desire to replace tank and side covers with original sticker/emblems but have not been able to locate.
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Welcome to the forum. Most gummed up carbs just need a thorough cleaning, new float valve, O-rings for the air/fuel and carb drain screws, and a bowl gasket. If the diaphragm is torn or the acceleration pump brittle, there are aftermarket replacements available on ebay. Ultrasonic cleaner or seven day soak in Berryman Chem Dip will usually get a carb clean.

Emil, there were stickers on the side covers. Honda Motorcycle 1985 OEM Parts Diagram for Mark | Seems Jack used to have them, but I don't see them on his web site. Jack's Motorcycle Shop (
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