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In the dutch mountain

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The weekend has spent the little dear Rebel and I at a Jumbo ride with disabeld person around the dutch city of
Again a great experience.

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Nice! It still gets me every time that I see that side car on the 1996 Rebel. But in the background, I see another biker with a sidecar (or 3, or5? maybe it's just my imagination), but the ride must've been lots of fun for both of you! How many there had sidecars?!!
Nearly 170 with Sidecar.
And a lot of people a long the roads to spend applaus . A real great event for the disabled passenger. (nearly like christmas)
Break for lunch

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Some more impressions: 1. My passenger and her family at my Rebel. 2. Standup for start. 3. fun to ride (in the rain)

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Wow! There are obviously many more side cars per capita in Holland than the U.S.!
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