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I joined this group way back in 2014, when I acquired this bike, but never did anything with this forum, or with the bike!

It's definitely a project. The guy I got it from had been working making a bobber/rat rod and was a total hack. So there's a bunch of stuff I have to repair and re-do.

I am going to keep the bobber/rat rod look to it, but I'm going to do it right, rather than the sloppy hack jobs he did.

He cut the muffler and removed all the baffles and internals and did a total hack job attempting to weld on the truck exhaust tips shown in the pics below, so I'm going to have to cut those pipes and do something different. I've already got a Six Sigma jet kit for the carbs to make up for the straight pipes.

Some switches are missing and bare wires hanging out, and I need a couple new cables. But I know it does run, because it was mostly together when I first got it and I actually rode it around a parking lot for a few minutes. I got busy with my business and life and other things and it's been sitting for 6 years now, but I've decided I need to get it done this year!

I'm about to break ground on a workshop building behind my house, so I'm hoping to get that done by spring time. Once the shop is built, I'll move the lift and all my tools, machines, workbenches, etc. out there and then I'll be able to really get to work on it.

Anyhow, here's what she looks like right now.


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