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How to drain carburetor?

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I have a 2005 Honda rebel 250, I’m trying to figure out how to drain carburetor. If anyone has diagram or something. I’ve been checking on google but can’t seem to find anything.
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Look on the left side of the carburetor. At the bottom of the bowl (as viewed from the side) there is a screw. That is the carb drain screw. It's visible in this photo. Honda Rebel carb teardown and rebuild - jayshah (

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I usually shut off the fuel about ½ mile from home. This allows the Rebel to "run out of gas" almost completely draining the carburetor.

Other than that...flitecontrol gave the correct method. ;)
BTW that screw is a valve.. open 2-3 turns fuel will drain out hose attached to bowl..
There is an o-ring around screw which seals fuel leaking onto engine/transmission housing
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