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honda rebel choke

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My honda rebel 250s choke is either all the way on or not on at all and I cant figure out why. I'm hoping to just tear the carb out and clean it and that fixes the other issues too. when you rev it up it takes a while for it to rev down, I'm not sure if this is normal for rebels. and it also has trouble idling, thank you
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Rebel doesn't have a choke even tho they call it that in consumer documents..
Found in Honda Common Service manuals the operation of enricher/choke is described
Font Material property Parallel Engineering Rectangle

Application of more than 2/3 often kills members engines from overly rich mixture..
I never have to use enricher/choke when temps are above 50° F

Throttle isn't closing as it should if RPM isn't dropping
Look for binding cables
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Welcome to the forum. I've come across two carbs where the butterfly shaft was gunked up and not snapping back as it should. Even the ultrasonic cleaner didn't fix the problem. Wound up soaking them in Chem Dip while turning the butterfly back and forth. (Wear chemical resistant gloves if you do this.) It eventually freed up the butterfly and opened and closed properly.
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