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Although they come w/112's, I believe 130 jet is (way) too small. You need to stage up like crazy.

I think bigger jets will solve your problen. While it is cheap to invest in new wires and plugs (I suggest making your own-Revival Cycles in Austin TX sells kits and has all the colors!), I do not thinkmthat will solve your lack of top end and occaisional sputtering problem. It will help though. Also, I always recommend a new CDI box. All are +30 years old and since new are available, makes sense (to me). All my 450's get a new one, good investment.

Try some 138-40 mains and maybe 40 slows. I went hrough a process of pulling carb-new jets-install carb-test ride-repeat until the bike ran like it should. I wrote it down somewhere, but recall I have 142 mains and 40 slows in Gin-Ba and she only has fishtails (maunted to OEM double walled pipe) with an OEM air intake. Idles perfectly, no misfire, good throttle response, and top end.

Try some bigger jets, I think you will like!
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