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help with loose header pipe

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Just got a 99 Rebel w/Jardene duals, one headpipe is completey loose- one stud still in, the other is missing but not broken off; both nuts gone. Flange is still on the head pipe as is a very thin RING but neither of these will hold the pipe onto the head. Am I missing doughnut or some other thingee to keep the pipe on the head? Thanks,
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If you use a four-tine drillbit from a Bridgeport machine, it might do it. I've drilled out an easy out with that before. Any other drill bit isn't going to do it!
I called around, motorcycle shops want nothing to do with a broken extractor that is flush with the hole. A machine shop would need the head removed. Could I just use one stud?
Just using one stud is a sure fire way to break it.
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