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help with loose header pipe

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Just got a 99 Rebel w/Jardene duals, one headpipe is completey loose- one stud still in, the other is missing but not broken off; both nuts gone. Flange is still on the head pipe as is a very thin RING but neither of these will hold the pipe onto the head. Am I missing doughnut or some other thingee to keep the pipe on the head? Thanks,
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There should be some crush gaskets between the pipes and head. If the pipes have loosened up, I'd replace the gaskets. You'll need to have all the studs and nuts installed to keep the pipes tight. Given the tendency of the studs to loosen or break off over time, it's probably a good idea to replace all of them while you're at it.
You are missing the split collars for that pipe, item number 2 in the diagram.
You will need 2 collars for that pipe. The nuts are number13.
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The studs are number 10 in this diagram.
Thanks guys...

It just seems like there needs to be a doughnut type gasket to so the pipe is pulled into the head. All that I found was the flange and this thin ring- maybe .75" wide? This ring slips under the flange so I cant see how it would stay put when I get a new stud and cap nuts in place. Seems like the header pipe needs a flange on the end? Here is a pic but it doesnt show things well, I'll try again tomorrow:


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a better pic

You can see the thin ring (and the missing STUD)- the actual exhaust FLANGE has slid down to the bottom of the pipe. I have not loosened up the muffler yet (so I can pull the pipe completely out of the head to see if it has a ridge to lever the pipe against the head) when the flange is tightened down- sure seems like i need a doughnut gasket or compression gasket as you mentioned? Maybe it broke apart and fell out and that caused the pipe to come loose originally? Should I use some sort of loctite on the studs and nuts?

PS: Can I move the top of the rear shocks to the higher hole (towards the rear of the bike) on the side of that fender/strut bar to RAISE the rear end a little?



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Here is a diagram of the parts that you need. It's the same as the link SWAMPRABBIT posted.
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thanks again

I knew something was missing, so the split rings will definitely cause the FLANGE to bite down on the pipe to hold it in. Still not sure what that think ring is for on the Jardine pipes? Also the pic shows a washer right at the end of the pipe/head, so I need one with these aftermkt pipes? George
If I remember right the split ring will press against the ring on the Jardines to hold the pipes in place. It's been a while since I installed Jardine pipes. You will need the cooper crush washer that goes between the head and exhaust also or you'll have exhaust leaks.
If its any thing like my VLX when I got it the PO had an exhaust leak that he couldn't get rid of after putting the factory exhaust back on it. Because I didn't want the pipes he had on it. And a buddy of his did so they swapped exhaust. He installed the 2 half spaces in backwards.
Not knowing how long the pipe was run loose. The copper crush ring is only like $3.00. You will have to dig the old one out. Make sure you get it out before installing the new one.
I had Jardines on my bike.
The thin ring slides to the end of the pipe, closest to the head. The split collars are installed behind that ring, with the flange holding the collars tight to the ring.
The ring is only a spacer.
As I said earlier, you need a pair of the split collars, a stud and a couple of nuts.
Better Exhaust Gaskets

You might want to install a better gasket??

I installed an aftermarket exhaust on my 1986 Rebel and found a better exhaust gasket on EBay.

Search for the original Honda part number #18291-MN5-650.

Take a look;

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I just had this problem with my 1986 CMX250c. I can't open the diagrams that were posted as this is an old thread and those sites are likely no longer active. One side had the split collar, both nuts, and one stud missing. The other side had loose hardware but everything was still there and this side was leaking exhaust. Is E-bay the recommended place for parts or is there another place I should be looking?

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Partzilla quite often has most parts that you would possibly need. I've got some from them before.
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That's just what I needed! Is it recommended that I pull the mufflers completely off to get rid of any old seals before re-installing with new parts?
If old seals need to be replaced (recommended), the mufflers have to come off to access the seals.
One of the exhaust studs was broken. I tried to remove it with an easy out but the easy out broke. I just spent an hour grinding on it with a Dremel but not making much progress. :cry:
Those easy outs are made of hardened steel. May take a machine shop to remove it. The square kind are less prone to breaking than the spiral type.
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I'd find machinist as well
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