Yes, I know this is the Rebel forum, but I have no Harley association and I know a lot of members here have HDs. A good friend of mine has some parts a family member bought bought before they moved to Australia. My non bike savvy friend is stuck with the parts now so I'm selling them.

It consists of both cylinder heads, cylinders, pistons, and a weird ring thing ( I dunno, HD thing).
They are OEM takeoffs in excellent condition. The heads look near new, with some light carbon in the chambers and a bit of old gasket material. The cylinders themselves are in great condition as well, with no scoring or rust in the bores and a still visible cross-hatch pattern. The heads and cylinders have a factory black powder coat, with no deep scratches or broken fins.
I have the pistons as well, they are in good nick too, though with a bit of carbon on top. The rings have a great visible wear pattern.

I can definitely ship all this too, though I'm not sure what that'd cost.

And the ring thing... what is it? It looks like a clutch part, but I don't think that's it. That's included.