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Has anyone ever tried FB150 CA250 rims?

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FB150 CA250 are available from Alibaba. The problem is that the minimum order is 100 units. They look like the Johnny Peg Spyder/Regal Raptor rims, but I don't want to order 100 of each, front & rear, only to find that they won't fit. This set is 0ne 15" & one 18" same as the Rebel has.
I really want the alloy wheels. The spokes break too easily on my Rebels.
Any thoughts?

I know that the engine guard on my Rebel is made for a CA250 & I'm thinking that it should match, but I don't have any positive proof yet.

If the Alloy wheels fit, how many others would like some? I'm just trying to wrap my head around this. At $26 each, & having to buy 100 of them, (hopefully/set & not each), I'd be out about $3000 including taxes & maybe more with import costs.

Lee, I believe that you have at least the alloy wheel on the back of your Rebel. What do you think?
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Alibaba has an option where you can order a sample.
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