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1986 Honda CMX 450 Rebel
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Wintertime got me upset for countless years. The cold of course...but most of all the tons of salt on our roads. It eats up entire cars in no time. Ist´s agressive to aluminum alloys and exhaust systems.
No, i will not ride in really arctic temperatures, but with the appropriate equipment, around -5°celsius should be manageable.
However, my Motorcycles protest. All of them are spotless clean and polished and heartbrakingly beautyful. ( at least that´s my illusion..or so.)

This year, i will break the ban.

Panic Pete proudly presents......


It will eat salt for breakfast and ask for more, It will be equipped with Heidenau Silica wintertyres and a lot of other equipment making it run all winter.
To make it short,i stop writing and get to work on it.
......and look what the motor resembles.....
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