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Fuel quickly dripping out of bottom of carburetor?

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As i got to work i noticed that there was fuel spilling out of the carburetor. It seems to be coming out of the carb bowl. What could be causing it? Is it the carb float being stuck and letting all the fuel spill out?
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It's coming out of that part.
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could be a stuck float valve, loose or damaged drain screw or damaged/missing drain screw O-ring. I have seen steel drain screws with badly corroded tips, which can cause leaks. That nipple is where gas comes out when the drain screw is opened.

Try tapping on the float bowl (bottom of carb) with a screwdriver handle and see if that fixes it. If not, remove the drain screw (in the upper right of blue circle), take a pic and post it. Be sure to turn the petcock to the off position first. Turning the petcock off every time you park the bike is a good habit to develop.
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