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Fuel filter question

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Context: Today was the first day I've worked on my 2007 rebel 250 that's been sitting for almost 4 years.

I did a lot of work today, and got it to run 4 times, the longest being about 3 seconds.
I think the fuel filter I put on might be wrong. I have attached a picture. I'm hoping someone can tell me if it's wrong, and if it is give me a link to the proper part. I'm also wondering if I need a fuel filter at all. That one is probably a stupid question.

I'm very proud of myself, I got it from dead to wanting to run for me. So any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I haven't smiled so big since my son started saying Dad when it turned over.

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should be an arrow on that filter indicating direction of flow..
I'd say your filter is installed backwards as you should be able to see contamination stopped by the filter material..
This is mine
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Most owners prefer smaller ones like this
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Thanks for your response! I didn't see an arrow, but I wasn't looking for it either. I installed it that way because the writing on it is readable that way.
Yours looks like it might be the same one I bought. I'll try to flip it over tomorrow without losing too much gas. The smaller one is similar to what was on there, but it broke when I was trying to take it off, so I couldn't reuse it.
If the filter was installed backwards, and it appears it was, and you reverse it, any contaminants it blocked in that position may be flushed into the carb.
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I have another brand new one, I'll just install that one.
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