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Fuel/Air Mix Screw on 200 Honda Rebel CMX250C

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Why on earth did the design it with a tab so that it hits the float bowl?
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to prevent tampering with AF mixture which was set at factory to comply with exhaust emission standards yet allow for slight adjustment.
heating with soldering iron will weaken adhesive enabling tab to be removed from screw head..
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aluminum tab attached to top of brass AF screw..
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Here are two damaged AF screws with tabs removed
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After carb rebuild Honda even insists limiter cap be reinstalled after adjusting idle AF
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Honda doesn't indicate how to remove the cap in anything I've read..

Topic of conversation on many Honda forums.

Heat and prying down lightly alternating side to side to work limiter tab off with flat blade screwdriver has been the consensus in most forums.
the head of screw can be broken off if too much force is used, try heating again.
Long before emission controls were required millions of Hondas were sold without anti-tamper limiter cap and AF screws didn't fall out..
Between the spring tension and o-ring resistance there is little chance of screw working its way out.

I remember the report of AF screw loss from forum member and questioned it's accuracy.
Often posters don't relay the whole story or realize the significance of one small part not reinstalled like the o-ring or metal washer..

My 87 never had a anti-tamper tab.. It is simply a screw without a large enough head to attach anything.
In all the years of riding it's stayed in place..
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