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Footboards installed

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Found footboards made especially for Rebel 250.
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Well they look fantastic, how do you like them and is there a huge difference in comfort out on the road?
And by the way do you have a link to where those came form?
I just installed them. Will test tomorrow morning, but just sitting on the bike feels very comfortable. Here is a link on AliExpress. $56+Free shipping. 2 weeks delivery time.
Thank you, sounds like a good price. Let us know after the test ride.
I'm curious about the thoughts on this as well. They certainly look cool.
I really like the looks of these floorboards! Thanks for posting the info.
Test report - totally love it. Very comfortable & less vibration.
What is that dial on the cap for the oil dipstick ? Also, what is the black rod that goes between the floorboards ?
The dial is a temp gauge dipstick. Black rod is an added security for forward controls.
Test report - totally love it. Very comfortable & less vibration.
Good deal, I believe those are the best looking foot boards I have ever seen!
And they are made for Rebel, so no fabrication needed. Just simple swap.
Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately this is a 7 year old post & most of those that were involved are no longer here.
Welcome to the forum. Blue Collar Bobbers makes a forward control kit for the Cmx250 FORWARD CONTROLS FOR 1989 AND NEWER (WILL NOT FIT THE 450 MODELS, OR NEWER 300 AND 500) REBEL - Blue Collar Bobbers
1 - 14 of 14 Posts