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Electrical trouble

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Started my bike quit starting it rolls off but not star so I did that for a while then I replaced the solid still wouldn't crank so I thought it might be the kickstand safety switch so I buy passes it, now I have no lights won't start, but still will roll off
03 Honda rebel 250
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Welcome to the forum!
I'll try to restate what I think I understand of what you said.

Your Rebel starter circuit stopped working.
You could roll start it.
You replaced the solenoid.
After trying to bypass the kickstand safety switch, most of the electrical systems no longer work, but you can still roll start it.
Is that all correct?

One thing seems to be your main fuse. It's on the solenoid.
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Ok, it's good to hear that you've found the problem!

Since the electrical for the engine runs on a totally separate system from the rest of the systems on the Rebel, that's why it is able to be roll started. But remember, none of your lights will be working if you're riding. Safety 1st!
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