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Seemingly out of nowhere--in the middle of a ride--the clutch lever free play disappeared. One minute it was fine, then suddenly the lever was taught as can be.

Initially there was slipping in 5th, then 4th. Only went about 5 miles before stopping to adjust, but couldn't get it right. Gingerly rode another 10 miles to get home. Now there is slipping in all gears, no matter how loose the lever gets.

-Has anyone had the free play vanish without warning?
-Any thoughts as to the cause?
-Can a clutch get burned out that quickly?

Only possible cause I can think of is the upper lock nut vibrated loose, leading to a lack of slack in the clutch cable.

Replaced the clutch plates 6000 miles ago (bike had 10k at the time) after
lubing the clutch cable and not adjusting it correctly afterwords. Rode about 100 miles, not fully understanding how the adjustments and free play worked (newbie error), that was enough to fry the clutch.

Because of that I've been especially conscious of the free play ever since,
so it's exasperating to have this happen.
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