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One of the things my bike needed durring its refurbish was a petcock, so I bought this cheap one. During test rides the bike would sometimes almost shut down, as if starving for fuel. Using a syringe and manometer, I tested the petcock to determine what vacuum levels were required to start and stop fuel flow. The results were all over the place, not consistant from one test to the next. There was no way this thing could be trusted.
I was able to convert it to a manual petcock by moving the petcock diaphram spring to the other side of the diaphram, forcing the diaphram to always stay open. Went for a 30 mile test drive yesterday with no problems.
My referishment is now complete.
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Vacuum Petcock For Honda CMX450C FT/VT500 GL500/650 CB450/550/650SC- 18mm x 1mm | eBay

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Looks good.
Shhhh...No one will tell what you did to fix it.馃檪馃槈

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Nice! Clean bike as well!
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