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Chain Lube

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I'm getting ready to switch out my old sprockets and chain and install new. I've got my new chain cleaned of it's thick coating of glue-like grease. I grabbed my can of dry spray lube that has Teflon in it and sprayed the clean chain. Then I looked at the can. It says it's for BICYCLE chain. I used to use a spray chain lube that was for motorcycles but couldn't find it this time and ordered this stuff before I realized what it was. Now I'm wondering if I need to find some motorcycle chain lube. Your thoughts?
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Thanks, guys, but what kind of lube you use wasn't my question. I was asking if a bicycle chain dry lube would be good for a motorcycle chain. But I must admit that video was an eye-opener. I'll have to ponder on that for a while.
I carefully "pecked" out a whole response on my cell-phone. Guess I poked delete instead of send because it's not here.
Basically what I said was that my chain was previously lubed with a wax based lube. When I'd touch the chain it just felt waxy. When I had the mechanic adjust my chain he lubed it with something that looked like a heavy weight oil like chainsaw bar oil. I touched my chain today and rubbed the grease between my fingers and it felt like valve grinding compound. I can't help but think the sprockets and chain would wear much more quickly with this Oklahoma Red sand mixed in with a heavy oil. My first thought is to stick with something that doesn't pick up this Red dirt I have to brush off my boots after every ride. (or they'd turn Red) I believe the chain needs some kind of lube between it and the sprockets or they'll wear out, but it needs to be a lube that doesn't pick up road dirt and dust. The more I write and the more I think about it, the more I believe I'll go with some kind of wax or Teflon spray. If I clean and lube it every 500 miles it ought to give me a lot of service and not sling [email protected] all over my bike and rear wheel like this stuff the mechanic put on my chain does.
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Thanks for helping me sort it out. I went ahead and ordered Maxima Racing Oil Wax lube. The other one I wanted was only available on Ebay and the shipping was more than the can of spray!!!!!:eek:
Chain lube came in today. It's been raining for the past two days and snow is forcast to hit us in about an hour. So I've not messed with the new lube yet. Will probably be tomorrow or the next day. On a side note: Was surprised at how small a can it was. I just assumed it was the same size as a spray paint can. Nope! Heck, I've seen spray deoderant in larger cans than this thing is. :ROFLMAO::LOL: But it's here and I'm satisfied.
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