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Carburetor on a gen 2 rebel the same as a nighthawk 250?

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Found out my choke screw in thing cracked in half and need a new one but the little plunger things seem to be cheaper and i found one for a nighthawk but it also says its compatible with a gen 1 rebel but i dont know the differences between a gen 1 rebel carb and gen 2 other than it runs richer
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While the carburetors are different that plastic piece is the same for both generations of Rebel
They retain the same type of main and pilot jets as the rebel although, if they are in fact different carbs. the nighthawk came with a 110 main, from what ive found the nighthawk came with a better flowing exhaust. Thus upping the main jet from 108 to 110. I removed the rear tip baffles on mine, 38 pilot 110 main(going to be going up to 115 to see how it does) with 15tf30tr. I got 62.5mpg 2 days ago on do a 100 mile trip from the mountains to Atlanta averaging 70mph while on the highway. Top speed is what the speedometer reads now, mpg went from 45-50 to 60+mpg from front and rear sprocket change. i upped the main as it was leaning out after i removed only the rear tips. The bike is now night and day different, how horrible it is stock from the factory.
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